Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance can help your system run more efficiently, prevent breakdown and save you up to 30%. Let our experts look over your system, making any needed adjustments and cleanings. More efficiency can help you save on your cooling costs.

Preventative Maintenance for HVAC Systems

Designed to Prevent Costly Repairs or Replacements
Are you interested in keeping your HVAC system running smoothly and lowering the cost of your utility bills? Being a part of the Comfort Guy Maintenance Club from R & S Mechanical means you can receive regular maintenance services on your heating and air conditioning services. These services are designed to prevent future costly and time-consuming repairs from happening and make your HVAC system work more efficiently so you can save on your heating and cooling costs. Our helpful technicians can effectively communicate to you any further repairs or services you might need on your HVAC system so you are fully informed about its current condition.

Speak with a Comfort Advisor about which HVAC maintenance plan is right for you. Call Bright Star at (516) 341-0117.

AC Maintenace Includes:

  • Change or Clean Filters
  • Adjust or Replace Fan Belts
  • Motor Inspection
  • Pump & Pipe Inspection
  • Frigerent Inspection
  • Measure Line Voltage and Amp Draw.
  • Contactors and Capacitors Inspection
  • Protection Device
  • Check Overall AC operation

As low as $14/per month |  15%off all parts and labor  | $200 off Future Installs
$50 off Diagnostic Fees |  1 year warranty on all parts | Discounted eEmergency fees