HVAC System Startup

The Job Isn’t Finished Until We’ve Completed Startup!

After all the units have been installed, piped and wired we start up each unit, one by one, to ensure that they are fully operational and ready to provide the most energy-efficient heating and cooling possible for as long as possible.

What We Check During HVAC Startup

Startup isn’t as simple as just turning the unit on. It’s a multi-step process that requires patience and attention to detail. Some of the questions we answer during startup include:

  • Does the piping contain refrigerant?
  • Are there any coolant leaks present in the piping?
  • Do all sensors and wiring communicate with the BMS system?
  • Are any relays failing to relay?
  • Does the unit have power?
  • Is air output consistent with thermostat settings?

If we find any issues during HVAC startup our team will troubleshoot the issue and resolve it before moving on to the next unit. We make sure your comfort systems are fully operational before we call the job complete.